Process for a wall painting

Would you like to have a wall painting? A nice wall painting will be a wonderful eye catcher!
It is an original and trendy way to decorate your company entrance, one of the company rooms or private home. Wall paintings give a happy, warm and personal atmosphere and can be made for you personal taste.

How a wall painting comes to live?
After a first contact through e-mail or by phone, it might be clear of what is desired. I will make a cost calculation and a date on which I will come and paint the wall painting can be set.

In some occasions it is required for me to make first a drawing of the figures and/or background, name etc. This drawing and the cost calculation will be sent by e-mail.


The paint I will be using will be on water base and will not give a lot of odeur. Also the paint will dry fast and water-resistant. It will be possible to clean the painting with a little bit of wet towel. I will take all of my own material with me, inclusive floor coverup.

The wall

I prefer to work on a smooth wall which has already been painted. When the wall has a dark coat, just let me know, than I can make a better estimation.
If the wall has a rougher structure it will be possible to paint, but it will cost more because it will take longer to decorate.
When a wall is very rough it might be good to consider a panel, this can be colored in the wall colour and mounted where ever.

The picture

I would like to receive a picture of the existing wall and te room where the painting will be.
I can make a design and there is also the option of sending your own picture (this can be a photograph, cart, drawing, own made sketch or anything else) so I can put it in the design.

Cost calculations

I prefer to set a set cost, so there will be no surprises for you. This I will base on the hours I think I need, material and kilometers.

My base is:
32,50 € x hours + 15 € materials cost + 0,20 € the km + 24% TAX.

Most of the wall paintings will be ready in 1 or 2 days time, depends on the amount of figures and size. For more extensive wallpaintings with a lot of figures or animals we can communicate the amount of days that are needed and plan these.

You can always ask a optional cost calculation and planned dates can be canceled without cost to up the day before.

I am working in the region of South-Finland and have no waiting list. I am prepared to come and work out site this region, we can always talk about it.