Welcome to my site Room for Color!

Hopefully you may find something or be inspired.

My name is Fiona Ansink and I am living since 2006 in Finland, land of my heart.
I have been born in the Netherlands and after seeing several other countries I found my place in the land of over the thousand lakes.

From the moment I discovered colour pencils and could hold them, I have been fascinated by colour and creating!
Besides my love for drawing I am interested in everything that has to do with creating something: like building houses, creating and restoration of furniture, designing, photography and painting. My passion for painting started out and has developed with painting of interior and exterior of houses.
My beloved father got my passion going since I was 12 years old.

While working for Ruukinpaja in Karkkila, South-Finland, I got the opportunity to show my passion for renovating and decorative painting of furniture.

You can also visit me on my Facebook site.

Information of what I can do

On this site you can find a selection of my work I have been doing so far, this contains wall paintings, decorative painting of furniture: cupboards, baby cribs, chairs, tables, chests, trays and doorplates, some of these I have made myself and/or designed.

Further more I make colour pencil and pencil drawings on request.
My passion and experience is of realistic showing of people, animals, landscapes and plants.

Wall paintings can be for children rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, kitchens, restaurant, café, hospital, daycare, health facility or any other company.