Inspiration needed?

Would you like a wallpainting but have no idea what? Or have no idea what to choose?
Then I have some tips which can help you to make a decision.

Before you let me make a wallpainting it is good to consider the following things:

Would you like a wallpainting to coverup a whole wall or just a part, for example above a baby crib or changing place? Is it a big or small room? When the room is small many times it looks better when a wall is partly covert.

On which of the existing wall or walls the painting should be? Think about the furniture where it will be placed. Sometimes it is good to consider future use of the room.

Would you like to have a wall painting specific for gender or rather neutral? It is possible with some accent colors to make it more gender specific. This can later be adjusted for the opposite gender.
A teenager might have there own wishes, these can be taking into the design.

Which will be the background colour? It is not a necessity to have a white background to make a wall painting. A different background colour might give a wonderful effect.

Personal elements like a holiday picture, a name, a stuffed animal or pet, can make it very unique!

It is also very important to remember which budget you will have. It is possible to make a wall painting according to a budget.